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We are committed to create healthy, resilient outdoor spaces that enhance both the lives of their users and the local ecology

At Wintergreen Landscape Studio, our work reflects a strong belief that landscape architects play an essential role in developing sustainable and humane solutions to society’s collective challenges. We are committed to design excellence with a mission of connecting people with place, each other, and a culture of health, recreation, and sustainability.


Sculpting the land is not a hypothetical concept to us, we literally live and breathe this stuff. Our Studio is located in a historic barn, situated on a working farm with gardens and an apple orchard that has been in service for almost 100 years. Our gardens serve as our R&D laboratory, where new concepts can be formulated and tested in real-time. Beyond designing, we actively work our own land, so we understand critical elements like soil health, plant cultivation and site maintenance - knowledge that we apply to every project.



Our methodology is structured so every project achieves the highest level of artistic, functional and ecological success


Whether we are working with a private client, a large institution or a community group, our process is engineered to clearly identify project goals, capture site opportunities and harness creative expertise to attain a world class project solution.


LISTEN: We start by asking critical questions, employing proven information-capturing methods so we don’t miss anything essential.

ANALYZE:  We analyze the site from the physical, cultural, systematic and regulatory perspectives. We take a comprehensive approach so we have a complete picture of our canvas. Most critically, we identify site obstacles so we can immediately brainstorm on ways to turn these into design opportunities.

DESIGN: We craft design responses to address all relevant points based upon conversations, observations and data collection. We start at a conceptual level and through an intensive collaboration with our client and project specialists, continually refine towards a preferred design solution that achieves all project goals within a target budget. We utilize graphic communication tools to aid with collaboration, including precedent imagery, diagramming, plan rendering and simple hand sketching.

COLLABORATE: When a project is ready to advance to the physical realm, our team will employ their deep technical knowledge to collaborate with project contractors and consultants to attain a world-class finished product.


Passion, creativity and expertise combine so every project receives thoughtful and personalized guidance from start to finish

Amity has nurtured a lifelong captivation with both flowers and fine art, interests she continues to explore through botanical and landscape painting, plant cultivation and garden design.
These interests blossomed into a profession and for the past 25 years Amity has worked across the globe designing artful gardens and landscapes. She has a passion for creating healthy and nurturing environments, both large-scale settings such as waterfront parks, urban centers, campuses and residential estates to more intimate spaces such as courtyards, farmsteads and backyard perennial gardens. Amity recognizes the unique qualities inherent to each site, using these to craft an original and distinctive vision for every project.


Principal | Design Leader

Registered Landscape Architect

New York 



Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture

Concentration in Horticulture

Cornell University 2001

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Principal | Technical Leader

Justin has 25 years of experience working both domestically and internationally on a range of project types, including private residential, urban design, workplace environments, university campus design, and park master plans. As a project manager leading teams on complex, high-performance designs, Justin has an established track record of working with clients, consultants, and contractors to achieve world-class projects. Beyond design, Justin works to advance the profession through research, teaching, lecturing and mentoring. 

Registered Landscape Architect


New York 




Masters of Landscape Architecture

Cornell University 2002

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies

University of Redlands 1996

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Wintergreen Landscape Studio is a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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