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We employ innovative, artful design to craft exceptional built environments


Wintergreen Landscape Studio is a full-service design studio providing conceptual and technical consultation for the inspired enhancement of landscapes at any scale.

Landscape Architecture, Wintergreen Landscape Studio

The Wintergreen team has extensive knowledge and experience in natural systems, horticulture, materials and construction. We approach every project as a unique design opportunity, employing fresh ideas and innovation to develop original, site-specific solutions. Project types include residential, civic, mixed-use, corporate, hospitality and campus.


Master Planning, Wintergreen Landscape Studio

Long-term strategies are essential to the success of the built environment. At Wintergreen Landscape Studio, we create plans with a foundation in landscape design - incorporating site features such as topography, vegetation, and natural resources. We provide landscape master plans, plan reports and design guidelines that chart an actionable course to achieving the ultimate design vision.


Green Infrastructure, Wintergreen Landscape Studio

Wintergreen Landscape Studio creates designs that are both environmentally and socially balanced, contributing to healthier, more resilient communities. Incorporating natural processes into our landscape designs, we reduce reliance on engineered, synthetic solutions. Our team employs cutting-edge tools and data to measure the carbon impact of your project and then create a framework to minimize it or even achieve net-zero.



Public spaces, by their nature, must respond to the needs and values of the community they serve. Understanding what these are and properly incorporating them into a design is often complex and challenging, with many viewpoints to consider. Our team has extensive experience blending proven outreach methodologies with the latest technology to capture and analyze critical public input. Our community workshops are engineered to foster a common sense of purpose, assisting diverse opinions coalesce around solutions supported by all.



Urban environments are complex by definition and require planning at multiple scales (regional, district, site). At Wintergreen Landscape Studio, designing for the myriad of issues that beset city spaces requires a thoughtful integration of the natural and built fabric in a manner that creates order and synergy. Elements such as ecology, social and economic viability, and place-making are brought together to create beautiful spaces that are equally flexible and resilient.


Garden Agriculture, Wintergreen Landscape Studio

Designed landscapes can be so much more than static, ornamental tableaus; when thoughtfully curated, they can enrich, educate and feed you. The growing movement of small-scale garden agriculture, deployed in both backyards and community lots, is providing a way for families to achieve a connection to the land, a greater appreciation for natural beauty and critical food security. Wintergreen Studio not only designs your agricultural garden, we develop a tailored seasonal planting and maintenance regimen, so you are fully prepared to embark confidently with a productive and nourishing landscape.




Samples of Wintergreen's work,

on-the-boards and installed

Urban Recreation Trail
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Greylock Estate
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